Blue Spirit Gal's Avatar Library

Avatar the Last Airbender Fan Fiction


I love a good adventure story.  Below are some of the best I've discovered so far, exciting tales of action in the Avatarverse.  Find yourself a sturdy chair, 'cause you'll soon be hanging on the edge of your seat!

"Ozai's Angels" by Me-Obviously (T)  Princess Azula, Mai and Ty Lee are the captivating trio who are masters of disguise and martial arts.  When word of a sinister plot against him reaches the Fire Lord, he calls upon his daughter to recover a doomsday weapon.

"Learning To Play With Fire"  by Me-Obviously (K+) Zuko has finally captured the Avatar. But the mischievous trio, Uncle Iroh, a new phobia of flying lemurs, and Zhao in hot pursuit...he may have been better off letting him go.  AU...Zhao lives! 

"Sabotage" by Retad (T) Sokka's on a mission to sabotage the Fire Nation, but encounters some difficulty when he runs into an old foe.


"Azula's Chase" by Steelshadow (K+)  Azula's viewpoint during "The Chase."


"Final Reckonings and Departures" by Steelshadow (T) Zuko's final struggle in the city of fire, Aang's confrontation with Ozai, Azula's final madness...When all is said and done, who will remain? (Complete)


"Tower of the Gods" by Steelshadow (K+) What happened in the spirit world when Iroh's son died? When Iroh's wound becomes infected Zuko discovers the answer and faces a test of his own.


"Iroh's Folly" by Booter Freak (K+) In order to help his nephew sleep, Iroh decides to drug Zuko. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?


"Fire in the Moonlight" by Booter Freak (K+) A fic for all the Zuko and Katara fans out there! Prince Zuko and Katara meet in a cave one moonlit night, as Aang hides nearby and watches. What will happen...?


"Sokka's Mishap" by Mark McCain (K+) Who needs to worry about Firebenders when you have a Waterbender for a sister and the Avatar for a best friend?