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Yes!  I finally have some takers on the essay contest!  The prize...a two hour date with Zuko in the Den.  (See the Library Home Page for contest rules.)  Read on, and don't forget to vote on October 9th for the best one!  (Link will be provided at that time.)


Hello, my name is Maria, aka Toph1213. I'm a frequent guest to BSG knows me, and I am a freewebs member.
    I think I should go on a date with Zuko for many reasons. First reason, HE'S FREAKIN' HOT!!!!!!!!! I MEAN FOR ZUKO'S SAKE, (I always say that.) LOOK AT HIM!
 Secondly, I have a good heart. I could probably calm him down a little. He deserves it. I'm not saying that I'm the best looking girl, but I'm very pure.
    Thirdly, I would protect him from any threats of the Earth Kingdom believing that he was Fire Nation. I would not let ANYONE know that he was, even if my life depended on it.
    Thirdly, I hate Azula. That's one thing we have in common.
    Also, I want to be a Fire Nation fugitive. It has to be so adventurous. I would love to travel with Zuko. I would help him if he needs it, and leave him alone if he doesn't.
    And I would leave if he didn't want to be with me. I mean, it would be great for us to be together, but there may be some reasons he might not want to be with me. Their names are Jin, Song, Mai, and the fact that I'm only twelve. But that's okay, he doesn't have to go out with me.
    I would really like to go on a date with him, but he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to. I guess he can stay with Jin.


ME ME ME ME  ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME, not Zoo, but me, not Ron, but me, yes me. Because I think Zuko is awesome, smart, brave, cute, all the likes. That I love in a boy and he's the only guy I find with those likes.

You know, you probably get Zuko alive if he dates(can't promise nothing, through), me, (yes me) and only me, because I think he's great, and very handsome, I will treat him well. SO, I WANT HIM, MAN!!!!!!

I want to win, I want to hug him and glomp him(if I can) and shove some food down his throat to show how much I love him.  

Winning this date can make me happy also, and when I'm smiling Zuko's frowning and that's the way it should be. So it will be perfect balance for me to go on a date with Zuko (yes me).

 Now, I know Zuko would probably struggle going on a date with me, but he'll deal, let me go on a date with him, so I won't have to bite off a couple of heads to get to him.

Ok I shall end this essay with a Haiku

The likes are perfect
Smart, brave, cute, seems too perfect
So Let me date him 

*thinks for a while**crosses the Haiku out, but you can still read it*


*ahem* Okay, I'm writing this essay for three reasons: Reason 1) People
won't stop bugging me. I was assured by at least one of said persons that
she would stop poking me to enter if I did an essay. Hence my writing this.

   Reason 2) There's almost no chance I'll win, so this can't come back ta
bite me. Let's face it. Of all the characters on Avatar, Zuko has the most
extensive fanbase, and the heftiest percentile of those fans are girls. With
all the entries this contest is bound to get, it's quite likely that my
little essay here will get overrun with those of fangirls who have much
better reasons than I do of  why they deserve it.

   Last, reason number 3) I think it'd be fun. In the off-hand chance that
I, by some cosmic practical joke, do win, I think it'd be fun just ta hang
out and talk. *shrugs* There's also the added bonus that there's little
chance I would be sent to the ER with second or third degree burns because I
don't go ballistic and try to glomp/cling to/ and/or steal Zuko's clothes,
which I believe are pet peeves of his.

   *yawns* Okay, there's my arguement, unimaginitive as it is. So now fellow
staffers can quit nagging! ^_^ *bows* Thank you. *walks off whistling*

All right, SB, there ya go ^^


    I Mimi should go on a date with Zuko..... you ask why? Well...... I do Know himish! And He does hate sibling how are Ding Dongs and I wish I could help by calling them by: This is Prince Bab Lab Shama Lamba Ding Dong.Vhere ys my Goat milk? I need it to lub my skin with it! Urrry! Vy skin is Get Very Itchy! And plus I don’t like him but I always wanted to go on a date with anyone but that person can’t be ugly! And no I’m not a fan girl! But it’s fun dressing Zuko plushies with a dress! Also fun to make videos of Zuko doing the Chicken Dance to Don’t Cha! LOL!!!! OH and also like to say Poof a lot! Like so:  PPPPPOOOOOOOFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!See what did I tell you? And if you don’t pick me I totally vote for Zoo and Ace and my Sister Lily if they entered. And so does Ace….. We a poof contest once! We had to sing Jingle Bells and every other word had to be poof so it sounded like “Jingle Poof , Jingle Poof ,Jingle poof the Poof, oh Poof fun Poof is Poof ride Poof a Poof  horse Poof sleigh Poof! So I hope you pick me!


By the way…. Me and Lily made up this song:


Mimi: Hello Mother

Lily: Hello Father

Both: May we beg you



Here’s another one!


Lily: Hello Bunnies

Mimi: Hello Hamsters

Both: May we beg you

Both: For some tissues



Hope you pick me!!!!!





*walks into room, and clears her throat*  At hem … Ok the reason I *looks over at where Vlad is sitting and giving her the death eye*  *swallows* um .. did I say I?  I meant Katara.  Yes Katara.  The reason I think that Katara should go on a date with Zuko is that Zutara is going to happen anyway.


Now I know that many of you fan girls want a date with Zuko, but really who is better suited to him then another character?  *sighs and hold up her hands*  Look, don’t start with the oh but Aang is so much better for Katara then Zuko.  Aang is a monk! and therefore can’t have a relationship with Katara as much as he might want one.


Zuko needs a girl who is competent yet can keep him in line, when (not if) his temper gets the better at him.  He’ll also need someone who understands what it is to lose someone they loved.  Not to mention what it is like to miss your home, even if Katara did leave her home voluntarily.


*coughs*  Anyway, I think that Katara should win this date with Zuko.  It won’t be a pretty date and they are bound to get into an argument during the course of it.  *smirks* And I’m sure she’ll try to freeze him to the wall when he gives her the kiss on the cheek, but really who doesn’t want to see Zuko get his butt handed to him by a girl?


*looks around the room for agreement and applause, gets some from her fellow Zutaran’s, and tries to ignore the glares of the Katang shippers including her Vlad, and takes a bow and leaves*



            So, my dear nephew is going on another date, is he?  I hope this one ends up better than the last one.  Such a lovely young girl, and our very best customer at the tea shop.  But I digress…I wish to nominate an equally lovely young lady to be Zuko’s date for the evening.


            After careful consideration and much soul-searching, I have decided to support Raven as Zuko’s date for the evening.  I also think he would be well matched with Zookins, Bakubear, Katara, or even Lil (if she didn’t wear her dagger), but I must give my wholehearted to support to Raven.  My reasons are quite simple. 


            For starters, Raven has an endless supply of crunch bars, which my nephew (and I) love.  Now, I don’t personally have to be near Zuko to get a crunch bars, but I cannot see how an endless supply of chocolate and crisped rice would not put Zuko in a more positive mood.


            Raven also carries in her majikal sack of wonderment a good supply of anti-fangirl spray.  Since Zuko has lost nearly every shirt he’s had to a fangirl,  (along with a goodly list of socks and shoes, and with a war being fought over his severed ponytail) this marvelous substance has become an absolute necessity for life with my nephew.  It has saved us quite a bit of money on replacing clothing over the past few months!


            It is sad, but my nephew seems to be allergic to fangirls and fangirling of any sort.

Personally, I enjoy it, but he is quite impatient with it.  Raven would be certain not to incur his ire by clinging to him or stealing things from him or calling him “Zuzu.” *shudders*  This lessens the temptation for Zuko to attempt to incinerate her, which will save us a small fortune in medical bills.  This also makes him more pleasant company for his poor, elderly uncle.


            Last, though by no means least, I believe Raven will be a good influence on Zuko, being gainfully employed in a respectable line of work.  It has come to my attention that Raven moonlights…er, daylights as an apprentice cake decorator.  There is something very appealing about a young lady who gets covered in cake icing on a daily basis, and no doubt smells sweet to boot!  I have also heard rumors of an enormous bowl of chocolate icing and tiny little icing roses on cake squares.  Zuko still has a taste for sweets.  I am insure he would enjoy a girl who was sweet inside and out…and who would doubtless give his old uncle free samples of cake and a shot at that enormous chocolate bowl.  *drools*  So, Raven is my choice of dates for Zuko.  Such a lovely young lady. 



Why Lily Should Go Out With Zuko

Well…. I don’t REALLY wanna go out with Zuko… but never had a date on BSG before…

Plus I’m “kinda” a Zuko fan. But half and half. But who you should really vote for…. Is Zoo.

She’s been dying for this date with Zuko. She’s like his NUMBA ONE FAN! Yo! *peace sign*

But if you feel like voting for me…. What they hey… HIT THE HAY! LOL. Anyways…. Back to other news…. GO BSGTRIBE! No that wasn’t the news…. Oh well let’s go to Mimi with the weather.

Mimi: *holding a feather* oh… weather??? I thought you meant feather!

Well…. That didn’t turn out good… anyways… the chance of Zuko being chased by a mob of fan girls…. Is currently…. 1000%. Let’s have a word with Zuko…


That was interesting…. Zuko calling for help! Well… voters… you make the choice! You get to decide….. WHO GETS TO DATE ZUKO IN THE DEN!

Mimi: dun dun dun! Hehe sorry…. That was my little background music.

*shakes head* please ignore that… oh yea…. And there was this one time at my house when I was bored:

Me: hey Mimi get me some mocha would ya?

Mimi: sure your “highness”…

*she comes back with my mocha and I taste it*

Me: *spits in Mimi’s face* WHAT IS THIS?! MORE SUGAR!

Mimi: yes….

*she comes back with my “sugared mocha*

Me: But I don’t want mocha…

Mimi: Oh great…


Mimi: okay… I’ll go back to get your soda…

Me: Nevermind…. I can get it *big smile*

Mimi: well that was a waste of time…

And that’s my little story.  And now we have music with BSG…

BSG: yo! Wussup? I’d like to introduce you to….. NEW CENTURY AVATAR MUSIC! ARE YALL READY TO ROCK ON FOLKS?

Crowd that’s watching the news channel: YEA!!! ROCK ON BSG!

BSG: *puts on a music video with the whole avatar cast singing random songs all at once*

Crowd that’s watching the news channel: YEA!!! GO AANG! Man…. That dude knows how to sing…

Girls that are watching the new channel: OMIGOD! ZUKO’S SO HOTTT!

* A crowd of Zuko fan girls run in*

Me and the news cast: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! IT’S AN INTERFEER!

*we are sorry for this interference*

*air’s back on*

Now where was I…. oh yea… the music with BSG. It seems like this new hit CD that Aang has been singing in… is now number one on the avatar music charts. Go get your very own today! *holds up the CD*



Mimi: sorry…

And… there’s also a new dance video by Zuko! *Zuko appears on TV doing dance moves*

Now that’s number on the avatar dance charts. *holds up video*

Sokka has also been experiencing a very bad case of cactus juice fever. *goes to the scene of Sokka*

Me: so Sokka…. How do you feel?

Sokka: I feel…… *collapses* can I have some more cactus juice??

Everybody: NO!

Katara also been starting a new water bending school! So join now water benders! It’s an opportunity in a lifetime to learn from this awesome master!

And now here’s Iroh with the tea.

Iroh: Tea is the success to patience. Without tea…. I think there would be no balance.

Zuko: *knocks out tea from iron’s hands*

Iroh: I know your not supposed to cry about spilled tea but…. *cries* IT’S JUST SO SAD!

And there you have it with the news.

Me: I’m lily…

Mimi: and I’m Mimi

Both: cya!

Me: I’m out yo! Thank you people for your time! It’s highly appreciated!



Hello. My name is Zoo, and I'm a Zuko Addict...

... Oh wait. Wrong speech.

So. I want a date with Zuko. And I'm sure you're all asking the question that the essay asks: Why should I win a date with Zuko? Well, I COULD mudsling and say nobody else is worthy of his presence, and nobody deserves it but ME, ME, ME! NOBODY ELSE BUT MEEEEEEEE! MWAHAHAHA!

But that would be SICK, DISHONORABLE, and WRONG!!!! *cough cough*

So I won't.

Let's see. I'm pretty sure I would be able to control myself to an extent. Though I think I may not be able to make any sort of serious conversation, considering I'm a very random person. Maybe I will be entertaining to him. Or to myself. Who knows. I'm just in this... for... well, it's ZUKO. Do I really need any more of a reason? He's royalty, even! Ah, but that's not the only reason I want that date with him. Personality, looks, strong, etc, etc, etc... blah blah blah, you know the drill.

But! I need something nice to look at and draw. For Zuko is a very amusing person to draw. Even though his expression range is limited ( ranging from mildly content to blind fury), he's still fun to draw. Perhaps such a date would inspire me to make even better drawings of the man because I've gotten to see him up close and personal for two hours.  And who knows. Maybe I can even surprise him (or disturb him) with a few stunning (not really) portraits of himself.

In the end, I just have to say this. I brush my teeth, I take my baths, and I wish people would stop sticking "You're going DOWN!" post-it notes on my front door.

I wish luck to all the other girls up for the chance to win a date with Zuko. May the best girl win. <3

(you're all going DOWN!!)
(... not really, I just like saying it. You totally fell for it.)
Zoo out!


*Looks around quickly for a certain firebender, sees coast is clear, and rushes in to meet deadline with essay fresh off the computer, snickering evilly*
Hey guys! I hope I'm not too late to enter the essay contest for a date with Zuko. Ummm...though not for myself. Nothing personal Zuko, but you know, I am the webhostess and old enough to be your mother.
No I was thinking of a lovely young firebender who I'm sure would just love to spend a quality evening with a handsome Firebender as yourself.
She's high spirited, fun loving and well...okay slightly on the evil side (and may have stabbed you once or twice, but I'm sure she didn't really mean it) *tries not to laugh out loud*
Anyway, she is a good match for you and if nothing else a perfect Firebending training partner. She's an independant sort, owns her own restaurant and also has an interesting side job which takes her on some exciting travels through the countryside where she get to meet some flavorful characters (though I can't always say they are welcome to see her). She's not the clingly fangirl sort either so you wouldn't have to worry about that (and I promise to frisk her down for concealed weapons before your date)
I'm sure you would have a terrific time together eating fireflakes and sharing insults, but hey what are enemies (oops I mean friends for :D)
Have you guessed yet Zuko???? Well I won't keep you in suspense anymore! I nominate my dear sweet loveable kindhearted generous part time bounty hunter and firebender Lil :D

Your Loveable and NOT in the least BIT evil and only submitting Lil for BSG's personal entertainment value
*sees Lil walking towards her glaring heatedly* 
Oops gotta go! :D
Blue Spirit Gal