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Avatar the Last Airbender Fan Fiction


You don't have to save it for your mama here.  Aangst, dramatic romance, or just straight up serious fic belongs here.  Just try not to cry all over the furniture, would you?

"Scars"  by Han Futsu Anti Normal (K)    The scar that will never heal, is the scar of regret.  Zuko recalls a visit to a friend of his Uncles, and meets a man very different from himself.  Complete.


"Zuko Alone" by Storybender (K+) After the defeat of Ozai, Fire Lord Zuko ponders the personal cost of his victory. Flavored with a hint of Zutara, a dash of Iroh, and a lot of angst and self pity. (Complete)


"From the Ashes" by Hariah (T) What exactly goes through the head of a banished prince as he tries to understand the life that was stolen from him? And how does one's power and determination rise from the ashes of pain? Oneshot concerning the darkest times we can experience.


"A Life to Forget" by Hariah  (T) Katara wasn't always filled with hope, and Sokka hasn't always known despair. This is the story of how Sokka and Katara lost everything they knew, and how they managed to find a reason to struggle on.


"Purple Twilight" by Booter Freak (K) Aang angst.


"He Doesn't Understand" by Booter Freak (K) The events immediately after Prince Zuko's banishment, as told by three different characters.