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There's nothing like a good funny tale, and believe me, these are nothing like funny tales....just kidding.  Stories with a humorous twist can be found here.  Just try to laugh quietly.  You wouldn't want to disturb the other patrons.

"Magnetism" by Me-obviously (T)  Two warring nations.  Two clashing elements.  They could never be together. But Katara cannot help but pretend....Complete.

"Zuko's New Groove" by Han Futsu Anti Normal (K+)Vayu, the wind spirit, has grown tired of Zuko's attitude problem. After speaking to Agni, she's granted permission to deal with him!  Her solution?  Change Zuko into a lemur! To make matters worse, he's stuck this way as long as he keeps his bad attitude.

"Travelling Tales from the Bison's Back" by Storybender (T) Three young people and a lemur traveling the world on a bison's back are joined by a surly fourth. Their mission is to save the world, but first they'll have to learn to how to get along. Ficlets contain humor, angst, and action.